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Newsletter Topics

There are two main topics that we will include in the newsletter, and they will be about 50/50, one is Electrical Safety and the other is Power Systems.

Electrical Safety

The culture around electrical safety is changing for the better, and the laws and regulations are starting to catch up. This is leaving a lot of workers confused about why they can't do tasks the way they have for the last 30 years or more.

We will face these problems head on and give you information on the latest codes and standards, explain why its important and how you can share this information with workers throughout their career, from the first year apprentice to the grizzled veteran.

Power Systems

To understand the importance of the electrical safety, and the severity of the risks understanding how the power system works and is designed is critical. One aspect is the power system analysis and arc flash study. When we talk about the power system we will be working hard to teach you everything you will need to know to succeed in your career, and help those around you.

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